Chapter 5. Working online

Table of Contents

1. Creating an account for the Argunet server
1.1. Starting the "Create Online Debate" wizard
1.2. Creating an Argunet account
2. Opening an online debate
2.1. Opening a debate using a debate password
2.2. Applying for access to a debate without a debate password
3. Creating an online debate
4. Granting debate access to users
5. Copying arguments from an offline debate to an online debate

This tutorial describes how reconstructed debates can be made accessible online via the Argunet server and how other users can be invited to join the reconstruction of the argumentation or the debate.

1. Creating an account for the Argunet server

Argunet debates are made accessible on the internet via a server (for example, To use this server, you have to create an Argunet account.

1.1.  Starting the "Create Online Debate" wizard

  1. Start Argunet.
  2. Select Create a New Debate . The wizard opens in a new window.

1.2. Creating an Argunet account

  1. Select the location .
  2. Select I want to create a new account on the server and click Next to continue.

    Figure 5.1. The first step for creating a new user account

    The first step for creating a new user account

  3. Enter the required user information for your account.

    Figure 5.2. User information

    User information

  4. Click Finish to create the account on the Argunet server and close the wizard.
  5. Activate the account using the link that is sent to the specified e-mail address.


    This account enables you to open and create debates and arguments on the Argunet server.