Argunet Release 0.2.2 Beta

This is an “experimental” release with exciting new features. Attention: To implement the new features on the Argunet Server we had to update it. It will not interact with any previous versions of Argunet Client!


  • Copy argument maps by dragging arguments from one map to another. This works even between different debates, which means that you can now upload and download arguments or even whole debates!
  • Group arguments. The new argument map element “group” allows you to structure complex maps, by visualizing topical areas of it.
  • Faster client-server communication
  • The wizards for opening and creating debates have been optimized.
  • Argument maps look nicer
  • Argument maps display, which argument is currently open and active in the argument view
  • The connection between argument map editor, argument view and debate view is visualized
  • The programm title bar displays the debate title


  • Deleting of semantic relations

Server update: Please update your Argunet Client!

We have updated the Argunet Server for more features and faster communication. Since we still are in the beta phase of development we have decided to do without backwards compatibility. You can still work on your old debates on the server. However clients older than 0.2.2 will no longer communicate with the server, so please update your installation!

Project “Risk mapping” (MPS, WZU)

Argunet is presented at the “risk mapping” project in Augsburg, a project of the MPS (Project group for social research Munich) and the WZU (environment science center). Argunet’s features are demonstrated by interactively reconstructing arguments on the risks of nanoparticles.