Argunet 1.0.1 released

The latest version of Argunet

  • ¬†fastens Client-Server communication. Specifically, argument maps are only updated if they have been changed on the server. This fixes the issue that you could hardly work on huge maps online.
  • improves the inplace editor for arguments and theses.
  • adds context menu options: “Insert conclusion into map”, “Insert premisses into map”
  • adds context menus everywhere
  • eliminates group-blinking.

Argunet Server up again

The Argunet Server is up again. We hope that it will work more reliable now. If you have any problems, please write a note at our mailing list.

Argunet server temporarily down

The Argunet Server at the FU Berlin is temporarily down for maintenance and updates. It will be back soon. No data or debate is lost, so please be patient.

Until then, you can use all features of Argunet locally and offline. If the server is running again, you will be able to upload your argument maps to an online debate. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Out of Beta: Argunet 1.0.0 released!

After more than a year of work, we proudly present you Argunet 1.0.0! By now Argunet contains every feature you need for rapid and in-depth argument mapping. Thanks to all who participated in this project, especially to our lead developer David Schneider, who spent quite a few weekends working with us on Argunet long after his actual work had been done.

With this release the Argunet development has not come to an end. We already have many ideas for new features, a new task list and even some money for development. Parallel to this, we work on our new homepage, so expect to see something new here very soon…
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