Out of Beta: Argunet 1.0.0 released!

After more than a year of work, we proudly present you Argunet 1.0.0! By now Argunet contains every feature you need for rapid and in-depth argument mapping. Thanks to all who participated in this project, especially to our lead developer David Schneider, who spent quite a few weekends working with us on Argunet long after his actual work had been done.

With this release the Argunet development has not come to an end. We already have many ideas for new features, a new task list and even some money for development. Parallel to this, we work on our new homepage, so expect to see something new here very soon…

With Argunet 1.0.0, four extensive tutorials are included in the program’s help, which teach you everything you need to know about argument mapping with Argunet. You will reconstruct a small debate about software patents. You can take a look at the final state of this example debate at the Argunet Server of the FU Berlin. Just login and open the debate “Software Patents” with the reader password “reader”. The last tutorial will show you how to do this. You can copy the arguments from this debate into your own debate to modify or extend them.

We hope that this will help new users to get started. We are planning to create screencasts and upload more example debates to make Argunet even more accessible. If you need more help, please post your question on the Argunet mailing list!

Release Notes:


  • All known bugs

New Features:

  • Argunet Help: Argument Mapping with Argunet. Four Tutorials in English and German
  • E-mail notification: Debate editors are now notified by mail, if someone is applying for a role and users are notified if their debate role has been changed by an debate editor.
  • Personal information: You can now change your personal information for your Argunet Server user account and retrieve passwords
  • A lot of smaller usability improvements (Warning dialogues, tool tips, …)

Known Issues:

  • So far sketched attack and support arrows cannot be copied between debates. This is not bug, it just has not been implemented yet, but has top priority on our task list.
  • Some of the old debates on the Argunet Server are not working anymore, because of changes in the new version. If this is the case with one of your online debates, please contact us by mail. Most probably, we can help you!

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