Argunet Release 0.9.0 Beta

In the last two months we have focused on getting things done. Instead of wasting time with buggy releases, we have skipped some version numbers and have now reached a state that deserves to be called 0.9.0! This is the last beta version of Argunet. Nearly all features for 1.0 are implemented and the bug list is reduced to a few harmless creatures. We can now work exclusively on making Argunet as stable as possible

The server has also been updated and is now incompatible with older versions of Argunet. If you want to work online, please update your client!


  • Argument editor undo/redo: As long as you edit your argument, you can always undo and redo your last changes. This feature is restricted to the argument editor, because of the optionally distributed structure of Argunet. You cannot undo changes, that possibly are already used by other users, to avoid confusion and errors.
  • Recently used debates: Open your recently used debates directly from the “File” menu.
  • New alignment tools
  • Delete debates
  • Interface optimization: We have optimized Argunet’s usability in many respects.


  • Nearly all serious known bugs (for exceptions see below). :)

Known Issues

  • On OSX it is currently not possible to create new debates locally. We have already identified the cause and will fix this in the next days.
  • In some cases, it is not possible to save edited arguments. This is our last serious bug and we will try to chase it down in the next days.

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