Argunet Release 0.2.0 Beta

The Argunet team is proud to present an important milestone in Argunet’s development.

Version 0.2.0 contains numerous major enhancements and dozens of bug fixes. Much of
the feed-back we received during the first part of the beta phase was incorporated into
this release. We wish to thank all of our testers and users and hope you will enjoy
this new version of Argunet! Note that the program is still far from being complete
(we are still in beta!) and please continue to contribute feedback.

Here is a brief overview of the most important improvements:

  • Complete revision of map editor handling. There is a single tool now – the arrow tool – for all major map construction operations. Click on an empty space and choose from the tool-bar showing at the cursor whether you
    want to create an argument or a thesis. Select a node with a single click. Drag a selected
    node to move it. Single-click a selected node for in-place editing. Drag the mouse on an
    unselected node to draw an arrow; when the button is released a tool-bar shows up to set
    the arrow type. Shift-click for quick multiple selection. Drag on empty canvas for the
    selection rectangle.
  • There is a single view for all debate management tasks, including the trash and the
    user rights editor.
  • The wizards for creating and loading debates, logging on a server etc. have been restructured
    and disentangled. Server login data can be saved on all platforms.
  • You can now check for program updates, download them and update Argunet from within the program.
    Choose “Update…” from the “Help” menu to check for updates.
  • Also, optional features extending Argunet can be installed form the Internet from within the
    program. Choose “Search for extensions…” from the “Help” menu to browse the available extensions.
  • When views or editors are maximized other views are still available from tool-bars on the sides
    of the screen.
  • “Under the hood” the program is much better adapted to the mechanisms of our technological
    platform, the Eclipse RCP.

Institute for Philosophy Bayreuth

Argunet is presented to an audience of philosophy students at Bayreuth
University . A debate is reconstructed in real time with Argunet. The
presentation is followed by relating to pros and cons of argument
mapping which results in helpful suggestions for improving Argunet:
Thank you!

Argunet Release 0.1.2 Beta


  • Major bug fixes relating to deleting green and red arrows
  • Semantic relations are established between conclusions and not subconclusions of arguments when defining dialectical relations (logical arrows) between arguments.
  • Only owners of debates can change the rights (reader, editor, etc.) of other users. (Note: User rights management of the sokrates server won’t work with previous releases of Argunet.)

Argunet Release 0.1.0 Beta

After many months of hard work the Argunet team proudly presents the first public beta version of Argunet. The main features are already implemented. The Argunet server is running and can easily be accessed through the client. Documentation and tutorials will follow soon.

Main Features

  • Argument mapping with color coding, zooming, arrange tools …
  • Fast and easy reconstruction with informal arrows and in-place-editing of argument short descriptions
  • Precise and detailed reconstruction of premise-conclusion structures with intuitive argument editor (like a list in Word)
  • Easy formalisation of support and attack relations by drawing semantic arrows (defines equivalences and contradictions)
  • Formalisation of propositions and inference rules possible (logical symbols)
  • Wizard for creating online projects (creating an account, logging in …)
  • User administration for online debates
  • Trash bin for unused arguments and propositions

Known Issues

  • Windows XP, Classic theme: Mouse cursors are not displayed correctly. To avoid this bug, please go to “File/Preferences” choose “Graph Editor” and uncheck “use Argunet custom cursors”. After a restart the default cursor will be used.
  • OSX: Icons are not displayed correctly in OSX. This is an Eclipse issue which hopefully will be solved by future versions of the Eclipse platform.

A list of all currently known bugs is available at our tracker page at Sourceforge.


Argunet is presented at the IÖW (Institute for Ecological Economy Research), with focus on the use of argument visualization in political consultancy.

DEMO-net Workshop

Paper “Perspectives for Argunet in eParticipation” presented at the DEMO-net Workshop on Argumentation Support Systems for eParticipation at Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin, Germany.


Argunet is presented at the CMNA 07, a Workshop at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) in Hyderabad, India.