Argunet 1.2.0 released

The latest version of Argunet features new tools that make it easier to organize the debates and to search through debates located on the Argunet-server or on your computer. To help you organize your work you can label the debates using private and non private tags and search for existing debates using a search-engine.

The label-feature allows you to mark the debates with some keywords relevant to your work and to filter the debates by the keywords you have introduced, thus saving you time and unneeded scrolling.

15 Responses to “Argunet 1.2.0 released”

  1. Guenter Flaig

    That’s my goal:
    I would like to improve my knowledge to argue.
    ARGUNET seems to be a helpful tool for it.
    Thank you.

  2. Maarten Wisse

    Dear developers of Argunet,

    Argunet looks very interesting. I would like to show it to my students but I cannot get it to run on Linux. Either 1.2 or 1.0.1, when I tar and unzip them to a directory, I can start the program, but once I choose: start new debate, and fill in the fields required, I can click on the button ‘finish’ but nothing happens.

    I guess this is my jdk. on ubuntu 9.10, openjdk is installed by default. Any clue how to force ubuntu to use the sun jdk/jre?

  3. Maarten Wisse

    Unfortunately, the same bug appeared when using Sun java 6 jre.

  4. Dear developers,

    I think you are working a really promising project here and I would really like to download and try out the program. I’d also be happy to learn (much) more about you and the thinking that went into Argunet, both from an applied software perspective, and especially in terms of argumentation theory.

    Thank you for your help and best regards,
    Alexander Heppt

  5. adriana barraza

    I want to try it because i need to organize my ideas! I use the freemind but i see they are differents.

  6. steve simmons

    This software provides a very simplified account of argument architecture.
    The disadvanatge is one cannot model some of the complexities
    of real life debate such as burden of proof, circular arguments, strength of arguments,argument schemas, admissibility, etc.
    The advantage is the exceptional ease of use and clarity of argument relations.
    On balance, for general use, I think the advantages outweight the disadvantages – so well done!
    steve simmons

  7. steve simmons

    Correction to Entry No 10: Argunet does allow circular arguments

  8. Hi, sorry for answering so late.
    The last months, I had to neglect this site due to other projects. There was a WordPress bug that prevented the download page from being shown. Now it should be working again: Please visit
    to try it out.

    regards, christian

  9. Johannes

    thx for the correction!
    quick question: is this site/product still under development? just curious if it’s worth monitoring

  10. Yes, we are still using Argunet in our projects and will continue its development. I am not sure how long it will take to release the next version, so keep monitoring! ;)